Small Groups are the heart of our church.  They are essential for meeting the needs of people seeking answers in a busy and sometimes confusing world.  It is here that relationships are formed and strengthened. It is in this intimate setting that we have experienced incredible personal growth. Our small groups meet throughout the city at various times and days through each week, and most (but not all!) break during summer months.

Sunday Morning Electives | 9:00a

Friendly Crusaders

Leader: Paul Hedberg


Leader: Phil Rosenik

Friendly Crusaders and Lamplighters concentrates on specific topics or books in the Bible. If you'd like to gain a wealth of knowledge targeting bigger sections of the Bible while developing a good understanding of what it's saying, don't miss this!

Anatomy of Forgiveness: From Forgiven to Forgiving!

Led by Tony Amerine

Forgiveness is a universal need. There is something inside of us that cries out to be forgiven and to give forgiveness. When forgiveness is not fully extended, forgiveness withheld will lead to things like bitterness, division, bondage, fear, disappointment, and unhappiness. Without forgiveness, there is no hope of reconciliation between us and other people and between us and God. At the same time, there is great power in forgiveness. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to us when we seek forgiveness and when we offer forgiveness. There are many questions surrounding forgiveness: How can I find forgiveness? What does God say about forgiveness? How do I forgive others? How do I forgive myself? How long does it take to forgive? Why should I forgive?

The Return of the King

(A study of 2 Peter, Jude, and other scriptures in preparation for the Second Coming)

Led by Paul Sargent & Stan Ott

1 Peter taught us about who we are and how we should live as live as aliens and strangers in this world. In his second letter, the Apostle Peter teaches what we need to know in preparation for our going home so we can all be ready.


Small Groups

Sunday Evenings

5:30p | Gary and Kristi Dewell

Leader: Tony Amerine

Topic: Life Lessons from Acts (Max Lucado)

6:30p | Paul and Louanne Hedberg

Leader: Paul Hedberg

Topic: Sermon Review

Tuesday/Wednesday Night

7:00p |  Lynne and Sandy Burrier

Leader: Denny Morrison

Topic: How to Listen to God (Charles Stanley)

This group meets on the 2nd Wednesday and the 4th Tuesday of each month. 

Wednesday Night

6:30p |  Tony and Cheri Amerine

Leader: Tony Amerine

Topic: Life Lessons from Acts (Max Lucado)

6:30p |  Julie Poland

Leader: Julie Poland

Topic: TBD

6:30p |  Rob and Robyn Lansdale

Leader: Rob and Robyn Lansdale

Topic: Life, the Word, and Topics relating to debt/finances, dating, marriage, and kids

This group meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month. 

Thursday Night

6:30p | John and Marleen Kunze

Leader: John Kunze

Topic: The book of Isaiah