Ministry Opportunities

Once you discover your spiritual gifts, you'll need a place to employ those gifts. Greenwood offers a large number of areas for you to get plugged in. Ministry opportunities are a great way to build strong relationships with others that you work along side of while assisting other people.

Small Groups

It has been said that no man is an island unto himself. We need each other. Small groups provide and intimate environment for sharing and caring that you’ll not find anywhere else. In the group you will find practical and personal ways to carry out your faith in everyday life. You will share in the struggles and triumphs of others just like you who are working out their faith. 

Sunday Morning Electives

In a larger setting than small groups, you will find our friendly and informative Sunday School classes relevant to your life.

Faith Basics Seminar

Offered 2-3 times each year, this seminar will provide the foundational information for your journey of faith. We will help you with the disciplines necessary to develop a deep relationship with Christ. You will also discover more about worship, church finances and other church related business matters.

Spiritual Gifts Seminar

God has presented each Christian with a gift package that is unique to them. We will help you discover what your gifts are, what your passions are and what your personality is that makes you uniquely you. We will also help you find the areas where you can begin to plug in to use these gifts, passions and personality.