Greenwood supports over two dozen missionary programs worldwide which include oversees missions, U.S. church planting, Christian higher education, religious service agencies and local benevolence. This is all coordinated through our Missions Ministry. They help us be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Greenwood Christian Church is a Missions-Minded Church!

This congregation gives 26.5% of each Sunday's regular offering to missions. In addition, most adult Sunday school classes and many individual families support various mission works. Members of Greenwood have been involved in short-term mission trips for several years now. Teams have been sent to Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Arizona, New York City, and Chicago.

The purpose of Missions at Greenwood is to spread the Gospel by assisting and encouraging God's messengers. We want to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people in our world and our local community. In order to reach out to those people, we support a variety of mission works. 


Foreign Field Missions

Alliance of Christian Missions
Eden Children's Village (Zimbabwe): www.eden-ministries.org
Impact Ministry Group: www.impactministrygroup.org
Lifeline Christian Mission: www.lifeline.org
Mexico Christian Children's Home: www.mcch.info
Windward Islands Evangelism: windwardislandsschoolofevangelism.org 

U.S. Evangelism

Art Bush Ministries: www.artbushministry.com
Northeastern Ohio Association of Helpers
Orchard Group: www.orchardgroup.org

Para-Church Organizations

Canton Calvary Mission: http://www.cantoncalvarymission.net/
Canton Christian Home: cantonchristianhome.org
Christian Children's Home of Ohio: www.ccho.org
Mission Services: www.missionservices.org
Round Lake Christian Assembly: www.roundlake.org
Pregnancy Support Center: www.pscstark.com
International Conference on Missions (ICOM): theicom.org


Christian Student Fellowship WV: csfwvu.org
Cincinnati Christian University: www.ccuniversity.edu
Great Lakes Christian College: www.glcc.edu
Johnson University: www.johnsonu.edu
Kentucky Christian University: www.kcu.edu
Miligan College: www.milligan.edu